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Cook Biotech Inc. partners with Endotherapeutics in Australia

Cook Biotech and Endotherapeutics announced today their distribution partnership for the Biodesign® gastrointestinal (GI) portfolio in Australia. Endotherapeutics is the first distributor appointed by Cook Biotech in Australia and will be complementing their current GI offering with the Biodesign product portfolio.
“Endotherapeutics is proud to be partnering with Cook Biotech in Australia,” said Adam Srejber, general manager, Sales & Marketing, Endotherapeutics. “Cook Biotech is a world leader in biologic grafts with a strong portfolio of innovative products for general and colorectal surgery; this partnership will allow Endotherapeutics to improve its product offering and deliver on our mission to improve healthcare.”
Cook Biotech’s Biodesign portfolio utilizes the biological properties of porcine small intestinal submucosa (SIS). In 1995, Cook Biotech Inc. was founded to develop and manufacture the promising new material and since then, has globally distributed more than 6 million SIS products.1 SIS provides a natural scaffold that allows the body to restore itself through the complex natural process of tissue remodeling. As the body heals, SIS is gradually remodeled and integrated into the body, leaving behind organized tissue that provides long-term strength.2-4

“Cook Biotech is expanding its distributor partnerships, globally,” said Umesh Patel, president, Cook Biotech. “This partnership with Endotherapeutics further opens the Australian market to our Biodesign advanced tissue repair portfolio. Their dedicated team of product specialists is poised to respond to the market for these products and support our mission, ‘we serve patients’.”

Endotherapeutics will distribute Biodesign hernia grafts, soft tissue repair grafts, and fistula plugs in Australia. Endotherapeutics has been a leading Australian healthcare company for over 20 years, distributing a vast portfolio of innovative, non-invasive medical technologies. Endotherapeutics is committed to continuously improving healthcare by identifying new medical technologies that advance the therapeutic treatment of various ailments and illnesses, improve quality of life, and drive efficiencies in healthcare economics.

Keith Brown – business unit manager, GI Technologies – Endotherapeutics added, “Cook’s Biodesign tissue grafts dovetail perfectly with Endotherapeutics’ GI product portfolio. Biodesign grafts complement our existing product range enabling us to leverage our team’s clinical relationships and subject matter expertise to introduce the benefits of this technology to more surgeons and patients around Australia.”

The Cook Biotech and Endotherapeutics partnership will provide the Australian Healthcare market with access to Biodesign technology, while contributing to and complementing the current GI product offering at Endotherapeutics.

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