Cook Biotech is now part of RTI Surgical.
See the press release about this acquisition for more information.

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Cook Biotech


Biodesign<sup>®</sup> 4-Layer Tissue Graft

Biodesign® 4-Layer Tissue Graft

The Biodesign 4-Layer Tissue Graft is intended for implantation to reinfo...

Biodesign<sup>®</sup> Dural Graft

Biodesign® Dural Graft

The graft is intended for use as a dura substitute for repairing...

Biodesign<sup>®</sup> Hernia Graft

Biodesign® Hernia Graft

The Biodesign Hernia Graft is intended for implantation to reinforce soft t...

Biodesign<sup>®</sup> Hiatal Hernia Graft

Biodesign® Hiatal Hernia Graft

The Biodesign Hiatal Hernia Graft is used for implantation to reinforce so...

Biodesign<sup>®</sup> Fistula Plug Set

Biodesign® Fistula Plug Set

The Biodesign Fistula Plug is for implantation to reinforce soft tissue...

Biodesign<sup>®</sup> Rectopexy Graft

Biodesign® Rectopexy Graft

The Biodesign Rectopexy Graft is intended to reinforce soft tissue where...

OASIS<sup>®</sup> Extracellular Matrix

OASIS® Extracellular Matrix

OASIS Extracellular Matrix is intended for the management of partial...